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You are now on the booking page for Cincinnati Treasure Hunts.  If you have not already, please read the important information below before booking a hunt

 Cancellation / Rain Out Policy:  You can cancel anytime or if you are "rained out", we will give you a 100% OFF Code that you can use to reschedule. Please write us at "cincinnatitreasurehunts@gmail.com" or call Prof. Hunt's able assistant Joseph at 859-620-3331

Maximum Group  Size: Is 7 persons and we recommend that the smaller, the better. This is because with larger groups, some persons tend to "get left out" and end up just following along. If you have a group of 6 or 7, you MAY break it up into two groups and not need to pay for another booking IF there is no other group scheduled for the time immediately following yours. Please be sure to check just before doing this.  We recommend that the 2nd group wait about 15 minutes to allow the 1st group to get ahead


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